Education to Every Child

Hiskare Worldwide stands for the right to education for every child. Due to Covid19 impacts, many children have lost access to schooling.

Our program, Davis William Sponsorship program (DWSP) works to fund Primary education for needy children.

Help us send children back to school in 2022 when schools reopen in Uganda as many of our children have lost livelihoods due to the impacts of Covid19. your donation will help us pay for a child’s tuition, buy school uniform, scholastics and school meals.

Food for vulnerable families

With the Covid19 Project Relief (CPR) launched in July 2021, we have fed more than 14 families in Kampala and Wakiso districts, Uganda. Our goal is to feed 100 families by July 2022.

This cause is meant to raise funds to feed vulnerable families that are still struggling to recover and restart from the impacts of Covid19. Any contribution makes a huge difference.

Help us reach more families with a food pack.

Clothing & Shoes for children

On most of our recent field trips to our work areas, we met many children half dressed and bear footed.

Help us dress these children by donating children clothing and shoes for children aged between 3 and 12, or you can donate cash to enable us buy these items in Uganda.