Education for Children

New figures on the number of children out of school worldwide reveal that, despite decades of efforts to get every child into the classroom, progress has come at a standstill, according to UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS), about 263 million children, adolescents and youth worldwide (or one in every five) are not in school, this total includes approximately 64 million children of primary school age. Many of these children and adolescents have never started school or have dropped out of school. Sub-Sahara Africa has the highest rates of exclusion.
Many factors contribute to limiting access to school and excluding children from a proper education, including poverty, poor health and Nutrition and many others. All children need a good education to help them exercise their full potential and become productive citizens both now and in the future.

Our intervention:
We fund primary education to reach needy children who are excluded from education.
Our approaches include, but not limited to;
Provision of educational support to needy children, where we provide Tuition, Scholastics, Meals and Uniform to support children attend or stay in school.
Build schools to send more children to school in areas where they come from.
We also help children in primary schools to identify and develop their abilities and skills earlier to enable them have a possible start when they leave school someday.