Our Vision

To ensure that the neediest and most vulnerable people in our world have access to the most physical and spiritual needs of life, including education and economic opportunities.

Our Mission

To create access to quality education for all children, support households with basic necessities to improve their everyday living, and empower women and young people become economically strong and lead sustainable livelihoods.

Who We Are

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Hiskare Worldwide is a humanitarian and development organization based and primarily working in Uganda since 2013 to increase the wellbeing of vulnerable people through Education, Healthcare, Skills development, Entrepreneurship and other programs delivered to children, young people, women and communities in which they live.
Our programs work to tackle issues that affect the neediest and most vulnerable groups of people in our world and hinder them from realizing their full potential or living a life that God made them for.
We serve all people regardless of their Religion, Ethnicity, Background, Political affiliations and any other form of differences. Our guiding principles stem from our belief that our actions must align with the love of Christ.

Organizational Values and How we
demonstrate them in our work

Our core values are our guiding principles and practices we use every day in everything we do, they are the constant values we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves. Our core values include: Fear of God, Integrity, Courage, Respect, Excellence, Flexibility, Partnership, and Accountability.

Fear of God

Our belief is that our actions must align with the love of Christ, and we look to Jesus Christ as our central example and we aspire to serve like


We are accountable to God, the vulnerable communities we serve and
the governance of the areas in which we operate through a series of
structured systems that we comply with or make culture of.


We comply with laws, regulations and adhere to the highest standards of
governance. We manage and invest resources ethically, efficiently and effectively. We are honest and open in all our dealings and communications with partners, colleagues, donors, and all other stakeholders.


We are adaptable to different kinds of circumstances, situations, opportunities,
new strategies and approaches in order to achieve our goals. We use sound judgment and adapt quickly to making considered, effective and timely decisions.


Respect is exceedingly a vital component at Hiskare Worldwide, we regard with honor, attention and consideration to each member of our team, the people we serve, and everyone else connected to the organization. We respect and value the diversity of all individuals


We work in partnership with a range of stakeholders, from local communities to civil society organizations and government to achieve common goals. Our collaboration with partners is developed with an agreed strategy and is based on clear principles of transparency, respect and trust. We cultivate long term, mutually beneficial and effective partnerships. We network to explore new opportunities for learning and innovation with existing and new partners.


We aim at superior performance and high quality service delivery at all levels of the organization. We commit to personal and professional development at all levels to serve our people better.


We speak up when we are aware of wrong doing and inappropriate behaviors. We make difficult decisions and take action when needed. We bravely represent the vulnerable communities we work with.